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IEG Services
Coaching, Case Management,
and Peer Mentoring

Case Management

Complete Care Coordination

Our most comprehensive level of care, Case Managers provide supportive services including identifying resources within the community, communicating with family members, and coordinating with other treatment professionals. Case Managers provide continuity of care,  support when issues or concerns arise, and assist follow-through with treatment planning and goals.


Learn. Grow. Live

IEG’s coaches provide individualized one-on-one support tailored to address a wide range of client needs. Our coaches serve as both advocates and mentors, working within a framework of understanding and mutual trust to create and nurture balanced, meaningful structure in the lives of our clients.

Peer Mentoring

Lived Experience

In instances where our clients need additional support, IEG Peer Mentors help clients work towards and achieve targeted goals or simply follow through on work they are doing with their case manager or coach. For clients who may be unable to work or participate in activities independently or with confidence, Peer Mentors help clients integrate or reintegrate into the social aspects of their communities.

Virtual Coaching

At Your Convenience

Whether for health and safety reasons due to Covid-19, or geographical limitations, IEG now offers support at-a-distance using Zoom, FaceTime, and other virtual platforms. We work to ensure that all of our clients receive the treatment best and most appropriately suited to their needs, so this service may be offered in conjunction with in-person meetings.

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