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Insight Enrichment Group

Providing Quality Mental Health Services Since 2004

Learn. Grow. Live.


IEG's Independent Living Program

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Coaching, Case Management, and Peer Mentoring

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Peer-Driven Community for Positive Mental Health

Our Approach

IEG provides a humanistic and individualized approach to community-based, practical mental health coaching and support.


Our mission is to serve those who feel unable to manifest the greatest well-being in their lives due to a variety of obstacles, including psychological, cognitive, and other mental health conditions.


We believe that sustainable change and self-improvement is possible when we are shown acceptance, empathy, and understanding.

Insurance Consultation


One-on-One, Life Skills and Mental Health Coaching

Struggling with OCD and depression, once I began working with my coach I was able to learn and practice fundamental life skills, including managing my budget and medications responsibly. My coach also walked me through the job applications process and within a few months I had found a steady job and began to ween of my allowance and contribute to my personal expenses.

- Lynn, Client



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LA: 310-910-9780 | SF: 415-228-3002

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