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IEG's Enriched Living

a supportive living solution providing community and coaching for those on the path to self-reliance and independence

Mid-City Los Angeles

What is Enriched Living?

Living on your own can be daunting. Managing your time, money, health, job, and social life can seem complicated - especially if you’ve never had the opportunity to learn and practice these necessary life skills yourself. You need a safe, supportive environment where you can gradually transition to independence and self-reliance without feeling stranded and alone.  

Support: A Path to Independence

At Enriched Living, you will have the opportunity to work with morning and evening on-site Coaches who can assist in the areas where you need individualized attention. Whether it’s help managing your time and budget, finding educational programs to achieve your goals, or improving your job search and interview skills, your coach can help you build the abilities and confidence you need to move toward greater independence. Residents also have access to virtual Peer Mentors, available to meet by appointment up to twice per week.

Accountability: Fostering Self-Reliance

Enriched Living is not a treatment or care facility, but a supportive residential community that provides safety and encouragement as you transition toward a more independent life. You live collaboratively with peers who share many of your own challenges, while still enjoying the freedom to be yourself and to pursue your individual dreams and passions. During your time at Enriched Living, you will have the opportunity to build structure, learn essential life skills, and develop the resiliency necessary to live successfully on your own.

Community: Collaborative Living

As a resident of Enriched Living, you will enjoy the camaraderie, support, and companionship of your housemates. Social and recreational activities abound, and residents with creative interests are encouraged to pursue their artistic or musical passions. Those who don’t have a particular passion will be encouraged to explore one, and all residents will have the opportunity to work and live collaboratively while practicing independent life skills — together. 

House Amenities

  • Social and recreational activities each weekday including: Game Night, Creative Writing, Cooking, Dungeons and Dragons, and Movie Night.

  • Self-managerial and skill-building support from Coaches and Peer Mentors including: medication management, academic/vocational pursuits, treatment goals, and interpersonal competency.

  • Centrally located in a tree-lined Mid City residential neighborhood, walking distance to public transportation, parks, and retail and grocery centers including The Grove.

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